Apr. 11th, 2009

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This article:

inspired a response from this guy:

He closed off comments before I could respond to his insultingly rude logic.

So - I will simply reply here :P

Do note that the author I am responding to stated, in comment replies:

"You will note that I did not judge people. I made no judgment on any individual. I I did not say, regarding those who call themselves “transgendered” (which they are not), that I am “not willing to begin to consider [them] as life” — whatever that means. I know they are human; I know they are alive; I know they are people. I wish they would act naturally — neither seeking to mutilate themselves nor to inflict this perverse morality on others via legislation"

Nooo - no judgement there!? WTF?

So - the logic of my response is framed and expressed in a manner similar to his. :)


Legitimizing intolerance is a fundamental act of cruelty for some religious voices. New Hampshire House Bill 415, dubbed by compassionate people from all walks of life, “a Sensible and Fair Bill,” is an effort to protect the lives and welfare of people who voluntarily take the brave and difficult decision, to live life as their authentic self.

Just as those children born with cancer can get treated (despite the fact that God gave them that cancer) and just as people who voluntarily get cosmetic surgery (to improve their body beyond anything God gave them) - these transgendered people (which they are) should be allowed to express themselves authentically.

Have you all gone mad for opposing this essential Bill?

Do you not realize that gender is , like most things in nature, evolving with regard to the scientific understanding of it, regardless of the intolerant, bigoted “feelings”, desires, and wishes of some humans.

Regardless of your ignorant assertions, assumptions and misguided faith? Are you not aware of the obvious differences in the compassion of liberal voices and conservatives too blind to accept that, while God probably knows everything, that they risk hubris to assume they know the mind of God.

How are we supposed to, as transgendered people, enter public bathrooms without fear or risk of serious danger - including attacks and murders - if you do NOT pass this decent legislation? How are we supposed to preserve their lives and welfare or protect them from the viscious predations of this bill’s opponents?

With every bill that has been introduced into this session of the NH legislature, we become more convinced that we are being extremely WELL served by representatives, and not being ruled by incompassionate, dogmatic tyrants.


The author's response to one of the commentators is even easier to invert (his comment to Nikki)

So here is my reply to that:


Brother André Marie: I must note that you DID judge people. You made several comments equating transgendered to a perversion. Just because you do not judge a specific individual, does not mean you have not judged. If I made a broadly-targeted racist comment, I could not hide behind the defence of "I did not target any individual." You did NOT say, regarding those who call themselves “transgendered” (which they ARE), that you WERE “willing to begin to consider [them] as life” — whatever that means. You may know they are human; You may know they are alive; You may know they are people. But the very call that "they would act naturally" belies all that. What is natural? Is it 'natural' to have a heart transplant? Is it 'natural' to have ones ears pierced? Is it 'natural' to, as some transgendered are, be born with the chromosomes of a male but grow up with the body of a female? Is is natural to be born one half of siamese twins? Get a better argument!

We are not seeking to mutilate ourselves to express perversity - rather to free ourselves of a standard defined by a religious perverse morality, when we KNOW who we are.

What is wrong with this legislation is that it is opposed by an old class of humans — “religiously bigoted” (which they ARE) — who want a special place under the law previously only heard of in ancient, premodern, ignorant civilizations. It is unacceptable because, without this legal recognition, there will not be protection for the “rights” of this very real aspect of humanity. Eventually, children will accept “transgenderism” — thinking that it is legally protected (and therefore OK) for someone to do something so very courageous.

Lions eat zebras because we don't throw them Christians anymore (Which I think is a good thing btw - since I have many good friends who are Christian and open-minded!)

Perhaps you could show me the passage in Holy Scripture which REFUSES rights to those who attempt to align their internal and external genders.

Kate Sylvia


Okay, I feel better now :P


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