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Something feels like it has shifted. I'm not going to get over-excited or ahead of myself - I'm just going to let it settle and see. Perhaps talking to people other than a Head Doctor about details (and that detail I hadn't even told a Head Doc) was part of it. Perhaps my Silent Time has also helped - seeing things move by without me and noticing nothing changes, well ... except there are more periods of silence. Heh. I think also that this busy day has helped. Very tired now but satisfied.

Woke up late so couldn't get public transport. I knew I had a full day and could stay on schedule as long a I reached the first appointment on time - so I fronted up for a taxi (eeps - $55 of taxiness ... a little more than the $3.20 PT woulda cost).

But - worth it, because I got there. Had a Head Doc session; another IPL session on the face;more work on eyebrows AND added an eyelash tint. Hehe - it is noticeable, given the 'quick glance and look away' ratio I go for the rest of the day. Hehehe. Then I hit the offices of the Registrar General.

I have my name change docs all submitted and should get the result in mail by Tuesday - Wednesday at the latest. My new full name? - Kate Sylvia Elizabeth <last name> (Hey, gotta suppress the last since this is a public to all post).

So yays for full days and the gentle foreboding of emotional calm.

Kate Out
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