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I haven't been in any of my chat haunts, participated in forums/sites or posted a journal entry for an age. This is not because I've been in a bad place - to the contrary, I've been good ... exceedingly busy but good. Very good. In love good.

I've done so much running around, organising a new passport. The time it's taken to get this far has pushed my planned trip to Europe back. But now all the prerequisites are finally done and I'll make our, newly planned, November/December meeting. Hurrah.

To grant a small insight into Australian Passport Bureaucracy, this was the last hurdle:

I do not drive, thus have no Drivers' License, so I was limited to the 2nd set of identification documentation. This requires 3 specific items - let's call them Item A, B and C - and a 4th item, being any official document/card with a photo on it. I had no such .. so off I went to get a "Proof of Age" card (which really isn't necessary for a 43 year old for the usual function). To get this card, I needed 3 Items - A, B and C. That's right, the exact same 3 items I needed, apart from the PhotoCard, for the passport.

So the logic math comes down to:

Passport = A & B & C & D
D = A & B & C

Thus D is redundant. Because if I have A, B and C, then I can get D, so merely having the 1st three implies the 4th.

The people in Passport Land are silly. o.O

But - all hurdles cleared - so soon, things will be underway !! Wheeee.

Lovies and I just passed our 11th month-anniversary. Lovies is amazing, still. So complex and intelligent and funny and, 11 months in, it feels like I've just scratched the surface re knowing them. It will take a lifetime before I can truly say "I know my lovies" - a lifetime I am looking forward to so very much. My lovies: quirky; unique; creative and diversely focused .... knowing a number of languages, but only those of smaller nations. Lovies thinking is that lots of people speak the languages of the larger countries - so has determined only to learn the more obscure languages.

That small truth sums up a lot. Lovies journeys the road less travelled - always. No mainstream 'normative' life, just a random, and chosen, series of leaps into corners of the world not many would engage with. Lovies is the moth that would ignore the light-bulb for the moonlight.

Because of this - there is an quality, not entirely definable, that draws me to them - another moth, once lost, now found by their light.

Happy anniversary lovies :)

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