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or am I talking to myself again?

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Birthdate:May 13
Location:Perth, WA, Australia
I'm just your average extroverted, opinionated, left-leaning queer, transgendered lesbian with a penchant for poetry and arguments with tragically over-represented, right-leaning, neoconservative planet killers. Now don't take that the wrong way: some of my very good friends are tragically over-represented, right-leaning, neoconservative planet killers - so I am in no way demeaning your choice if you happen to be so aligned.

I am generous; loyal to friends and a great wit according to several of said friends: or maybe they said gray twit ... most of them 'were' mumbling at the time.

I am just shy of 40 and will be for the rest of my natural span ... and my unnatural span if the medical boffins of longevity can get their act going in time.

I'm coming up to two years in transition now and have micro-boobies. I dress rather androgynously and love the confused and blank stares I inspire in public quite often. In understand thay they are just so dazzled by my fabulousity that simply must succumb to awe.

Oh ... I'm not so humble, but everyone needs a character flaw somewhere :)

After the mutivarious surgical procedures ahead, I will have a 25 year old body *bounces with anti ... ci-pa ...

And that about covers the highlights for now.

Oooh! ... final note: if there happen to be any intelligent; gorgeous; quirky bi girls, with a good understanding of humour and irony, who also have a trans-positive attitude ... I am NOT single!!! - so tough, you miss out! :P


Now that is all for now - go, gorn, git :P
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