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Just some poetry ...  :)
elegy to innocence

in the comfort of stone we whisper,
to the warmth that crawls from each careful

the smallest ones
so like us, though hidden this close

face down to the granite, beneath the sea of murmurs
as we are

bound to the earth as upon our opening
when we could not imagine
more than the words we were given


or hold more than the ones we have lost
Kate Out
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firefly against a wishful sky
she envied the stars their distance,
each hand fumbling to tear them down-

an inevitable witness to all beyond her grasp

now she almost understands
why they send their brittle light to us


and why every event that forgets us
is never forgotten
Kate Out
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give me your essential

lay it open
above this sentimental sanity,
still refusing the worth of water
without pain

while all else held here
between cracks of a tightly
splayed palm
forgives the untethered weight
that displaces me from centre

I will not  not press the question again,
until  all my borrowed soil

comes back from between
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raised beneath an unspent sun

every day upon waking
a flock of dead birds ascends
from her eyes

borrowed from one day
after the next
they do not heed the lethargic shout
embraced within her quiet bones

nor shun an untoward sky, set high
above a loud, far too intangible earth

like this her feet descend
to cross each others unmade path
as she stumbles upon
her brightest wings aflame

just like an unspent sun
gently-bent against her idle

Kate Out
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And every now and then you find a new song with lyrics that run like poetry :P

Satellite Skin by Modest Mouse

If you break these moth wing feelings
Powdering dust on your fingers
Well now were not prayin’ were kneelin’

Hard enough just to say you believe them
Well how the heck did you think you could beat them
At the same time that your trying to be them

Hard enough just to say you don’t need it
When they took it up while you were still eating
Well satellite, satellite skin

Just to know, just to say you don’t realize it
Well everyone’s willing to listen
Oh satellite, satellite skin

You can say what you want your forgiven
Well happy f***ing congratulations.
Well everyone, everyone wins

Just like being my own solar system
Doing good things but they totally eclipse them
Oh whats the use, oh what the hell

If you break these moth wing feelings
Butterfly knives in the ceiling
Well everyone, everyone's waiting

Detachments gets praised and completed
You can say what you want and not mean it
Well no one really seems to be waiting

If you sweep up this mess I created
Nothings left to show I existed
Oh satellite, satellite skin

Asking for a question
Was it easier to say then was actually done?
Do you even believe them?
Do you even believe that there’s a race to be won?

If you break these moth wing feelings
I have seen it all become satellite skin
Opening some eyes

A knack to know that it’s their opinions
Get stacked in all those usual avoided spots
Just to tell you I could not have seen
Through to the gist of those unhappy,
Happy accidents.

and a clip - so you can get the musical feel an a better idea of just how clever this band is  :)


Egads I wish I'd thought of "Satellite Skin" or "Moth Wing Feelings" - hehe. This has inspired me to write something ... I'm curious to see what rises :)

Kate Out
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in all mystery
she finds herself unknown

like any other beneath
the fold,
unable to pry enough distance
to settle complete

this timid cage of rib

stutters around her childish
until she is understood, revealed
by her falling

yet unable to comprehend
this rush, how it fears
to harm another skin, more
than its own

and the circles spin
until nothing remains to hold
but quiet air

nothing beyond the subtlety
of faith without chains

or a reason to fly
without wings

and still she knows
the burn

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an impatient voice
stuck between sheets
at the back of her throat
walks into the Sun
to meet herself at centre-
burning down
as names pause at edge
of tongue to ponder
is an old word remembered
larger or smaller
than a new one forgotten?

this puzzle
becomes her most


kidnaps his sky

then waits for a debt
to settle

I wrote this last year, about the events of may 22nd. I'm not tagging it as such though, because Poetry should not have such labels.

(Kate Out)

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For easy Sunday dancing, belief
would gather eager smiles, tuck them
into eyes like secrets sent to bed
without supper, filled with hunger
even though seams threatened to burst;
to spill and bury each other
in words. They were so content
with mystery, so when I argued
that Jesus lost his nails, rusted
by clocks and scalpels that measured
him for a wealthier casket, they hid
behind their certain lips. I lacked
such truth until I met a girl,
with her honesty and baby steps
holding me on edge, between the peril
and the peak. She baptised me herself,
washed me in her eyes; made me clean
and showed me innocence. She filled
me until I was empty again.


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