May. 10th, 2009

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I am getting this down while the fog of sleep is still hovering. So excuse any poor language skillz.

I've have more than a few strange vivid dreams before but the one I awoke from today ... hehe. Does anyone have any idea what this meant? Or is it just "Kate is crazy - that's what it meant " ?  :) hehe

I was walking along a dirt track - along the river I grew up around (and still live near - I eventually came back). I felt relaxed which was good, given my recent anxieties, but I had something that needed to be done. I had a destination but didn't know what it was. A deeper part of knew though and I was aware of that, so I didn't stress. I guess I knew that I'd be told the destination when I needed to know.

Then I looked back, along the track to see an enormous truck, like one of those articulated road-trains we have down here. Have I mentioned that the 'track' is one person wide? - with semi-thick bush all around it? Yet the truck wasn't ploughing through any growth. It just fit on the track somehow and, as often is the case in such dreams, that didn't seem strange to me.

The rig was gathering speed and I then started worrying, as the fear that it was 'coming for me' started to rise. Suddenly I thought it was trying to stop me from getting to my destination. And I knew what that place was - or who the person I was to meet was. It wasn't the place as much as a person there, one I was supposed to give something or help in some way. I can't remember either the place or the person since I woke.


So the truck starts to loom and I am running, pushing through the growth toward my goal. I realised I am not going to outrun it, so I turn to face my fate. The truck races on toward me and just as I think it's over ... the truck turns away, leaving the track and heading away from the river and myself. I see something in the corner of my eye and turn my head, just in time to see the truck slam through a bunch of people. These people had been following me, trailing alongside me.and I just knew they were not good people: too vague, too shadowy - which in this dream place meant not good.

Then the truck starts to veer back toward me and the track, and I decide I can't run anymore. I hold my ground as it arcs toward me and passes. It moved back onto the track - but the track ahead of me (or behind me since I was facing the way I had come at this point). I turn on the spot as it passes, only to see it roll onto the track  before, a few metres further, kalumping over a curb and onto a large road. It turned right and soon vanished.

When I had been looking this way initially, running into it, there was the track and bush. That was it. Suddenly now, on turning back, I was at the edge of the bush and looking at a very tidy industrial town. It was the 'place' I had been heading toward all this time.

Everything was polished. It looked a little English - like Cotton Mills from Manchester or some other Victorian Era industrial town. But there was no smoke; no smog; no grime or grit. Everything was so clean. Also - a little more modernised - as though someone from the 21st century had redesigned such a town.

Next thing I know - I am wandering through a tunnel. I am on a road - a very wide tunnel/road that is well lit and clean, like everything else here. Then these construction workers, in the cleanest road-crew wear I have ever seen, come running over, waving their hands! One of them says in an urgent whisper: "You cannot walk here - there's a $35,000 fine!" and I panic and quickly start turning to head back. One of them grabs me and says: "Don't worry, we won't tell just hurry" and he guides me to the end of the tunnel - which was/is only 2 or 3 metres away.

So now I am standing on a sidewalk, to the side of the road as it emerges from the tunnel mouth and I know, with even more urgency, that I need to fine the person I have 'something' for. I still do not know either who they are or what it is I will be handing them.

Then I'm in an office - a Union office. That isn't 'Union' as in American Civil War Union - rather Union as in European/Australia collective for fighting toward worker's rights. There's this huge guy in front of me, looming (more of the looming already!) and he's telling me that I can't be here. He is VERY adamant and keeps repeating that I can't be here. When I ask why, he tells me that I don't have a ticket.:That without a ticket I can't be here. He says I have to go back. I say I can't - because the only way back is the tunnel and I can't afford the $35,000 fine!

Then he is laughing and all the construction workers are also there and they are also laughing. Someone says that they were just pulling my leg, in that ancient Australian tradition.

Then I ask if I can just find **** *and I knew the person's name in the dream - but can't remember it now) and give them this. I hold my hands up and there is something cupped within them but I can't see what it is. The gathered people around me seem to be able to, because they are all wearing awed expressions. The big man looks at me. His face is shining and he starts to cry but he is smiling. He says ....

And I woke up .... Arrrgh!

I saw the whole movie except for the conclusion. I hate when that happens :)

Now I just need to work out what, if anything, it all means :P



May. 10th, 2009 06:26 pm
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Came across another Redback spider - *shudder* just the average hazard in this country. However, it was on the ceiling!? - which is very odd, given they prefer humid dark places. So, after spraying it and it's consequent slow descent to the ground, I noticed it was still walking around. Now I didn't want just anyone stepping on it, so I grabbed a tin (cat food has handy and near) and placed it over the dying little lass.

An hour later I return, to sweep up the dried husk. On lifting the tin I discovered a flaw to my plan: the tin didn't have enough room underneath it. Egads, just recounting it is making me dry retch again. So yeah ... mushed spider dripping everywhere.

Okay - stopping there. Must think of happy kittens and stop retching ...

Gawd I hate squished critters ... - till next time.

Kate Out


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