May. 27th, 2009

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This was what I expected, given that most courts would be hesitant to overturn a public poll and just as hesitant to remove a right granted to some. So there we go - a 3-tier system with: traditional married couples; special case married gay couples and the rest who may not wed.

For this to happen in California of all places today is truly staggering, given that Iowa now allows gay marriage along with 4 other US states.

Ah well, 2010 will be interesting.

Kate Out
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It's always been challenging at times - being as intuitive as I am. Any fundamental facet of a person should be reconciled by the time they reach a certain age but this freaky talent of mine never will be. Why? Because it leads me to leaps of faith all the time and nobody else can believe that leap. Sure - it should be enough for me to believe it ... right? Not where it involves others. I should just keep quiet and not bother trying to explain stuff to others.

But the one thing, above all else, that is sure to cause me irritation is when someone deigns to tell me how I feel about something. Now they are welcome to decide their feelings with regard to anything - because those feelings are theirs after all. So why would someone try to tell me, even indirectly, that I'm 'just confused' or I am mistaking empathy for something else.

You guys all take ownership of your own feelings and I will continue to do the same regarding mine. I'm not sure, in the mood atm, whether I'll share them as often or as richly though.

And no, I'm not overtly angry with those who handed me their patronising perspectives - I'm just tired of it all, so I'm taking some time to regather myself; cauterise some nerves; possibly get a heart transplant and, if time remains, have a vacation or two.

Kate Out
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Okay - on rereading, after a few hours away, I realised how my last missive might have sounded.

I never meant to imply that people can not have, or offer, opinions about me or matters related. I have no issue with that. The difficulty posted about previously, relates specifically to this situation:

me: this is how I feel on this blah blah blah
someone else: maybe you actually are feeling this blah blah blah

No ... if I express a strong feeling, it's generally because I have it - but yeah - sorry for the confusion the last post may have established.

Kate Out


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